Mystic Apocalyptic


The anxiety which generates the rationalism of our Cartesian world brought me to ask of myself a fundamental question... " Do we still believe? " Which is symbolized by " mystic apocalyptic ".

My photos must not be explained (at least, individually)  because each one has to discover it's meaning through themself. In my " mystic apocalyptic " theme, the word "apocalypse", which is the literal translation of " the action to discover or to reveal ", strengthens this problem.
My works penetrate in the depths of ourself and allow us to rediscover our imagination and to reveal the poetry buried in each of us.

Mystic Apocalyptic consists of two different, however inseparable parts, which correspond to two big themes of the text of the apocalypse:

° The fight of the spiritual against the Cartesianism
It consists of seven photos which correspond to seven trumpets announcing the apocalypse.

° The hope 
The photos show need and duality of the light and "the divine darkness".

The names of my works are based on the numerology, also suggest its energy.

For philosophic and artistic reasons, my photos are always unique in their edition.


 Vic Photographer