Le cosmos est une vibration du Néant

In the nature, in the universe, every death is beneficial for all the species, the new generations... to give birth. I was inspired by Edmond Jabès's sentence " the life is only the death which vibrates ", but by giving a more general sense to this thought.

Mystic Apocalytpic

Do we still believe?

Hip Pop

I extracted the choreography's energy.


The energy and the heart of Paris.


« ...If you love somebody, set them free... »

D'un monde à l'autre

I like dreaming at the border of two worlds.


Fuckin' Life


I will never forget the masters.

Toile & Voile

Valencia, the poetry is everywhere.


From the industrial to the dream...

La Forêt des Limbes

The nature in the depths of my imagination, between dream and nightmare.

Tour Eiffel

Dreamcatchers playing with the moon, the fire, my dreams and my emotions.